What is your Best Competitive Advantage ?

What are the Key Pillars of your business sustenance ?

How would you see Future of your business ?

While there are multiple answers for each of these questions, a constant element across these answers would either be Customer or related to Customers. Right?

So what you do today for your customers going to decide your business future. We at Simplirewards just help you to do that!


Customer Experience

Your customer journey begins much before the door or first click or the first tap and ends much after the door or the last click or the last tap.

Simplirewards partners with you on the end-to-end customer journey.

Customer Experience Assessment
Customer Journey Mapping
Customer Experience Training 
Service Design Thinking
VoC (Voice of Customer) / CSAT Programs

Loyalty & Rewards Program

You would know the numbers of top line and bottom line. Do you know repeat customers or value of business lost due to customer churn during last month?

Simplirewards partners with you to launch and manage customer loyalty and rewards program helping you retain and expand the value from each customer.

Loyalty Program Audits
Loyalty Program Strategy & Management
Rewards Management



End-to-End Project Management


Partial Project Management


Project Consultancy and Hand-Holding

Our story

An organization exists because of its customers. So, it’s but natural to nurture relationships with customers right from the prospecting stage. And, by bringing in a customer-centric approach in whatever you do, will definitely create more customer advocates for your business. 

We are passionate about it and we help you to achieve it. We deliver more customer advocates through our advisory and implementation services in Customer Loyalty and Customer Experience. We believe and practice the outside-in approach that revolves around human-centric design.

Speak with us today to understand how it can be done in your organization.

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